Sunday, November 6, 2011

...With No Plans...

So, this weekend I finally had NO PLANS! It has been amazing. Everything in my life for the past several months have been go, go go. Finally, this weekend was a chill weekend. Got to actually get out and enjoy the Charlotte night life. We went to a fantastic dinner uptown then went out for some drinks and enjoyed some hookah. It was so much fun!! Plus, I got to wear my new black pumps ;)

Saturday was full of so much laziness!! It was AWESOME! Pretty much my only time out of the condo was when we took Dex on a walk to go pick up take out from one of our neighborhood restaurants. He got a new toy giraffe, Raffey. We just sat around in our comfy clothes, ate and watched football all day. It. Was. Bliss.

Steven Furtick had an awesome message this morning. I really needed to hear it. He reminded us that God can appear to you even when you're headed in the wrong direction in life. Also, that God takes things out of your life (people or things), not to deprive you to bless you.
Anywho...after church is my FAVORITE time of the weekend. Sunday BRUNCH! Today we went to a Plaza Midwood neighborhood delicate called Zada Janes. We've been there for dinner before, but have heard great things about their brunch so we decided to give it a try. They had amazing biscuits and apple butter jelly.

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