Monday, August 15, 2011

Meet. Repeat.

One thing that I have realized as I am am getting into this half-marathon training is that I can really excel by setting small goals for myself. Small goals are what help us acheive the big ones (that whopping 13.1 miles)!
For instance, I ran a route today thru the city that I couldn't run strongly a few months ago. My goal was to not stop. Regulate my pace, and not stop. It was a small goal, but it felt good to acheive it. Think about that for yourself. Where can you set a small (realistic) goal? The more you do this, the less frustrated and disappointed you will be when you try to acheive those larger goals. Meet the goal. Make another goal and repeat!

Tomorrow morning i'm taking my Vo2 Max test bright and early at 6:00am. I'm anxious about it! I'll post results (if i'm not ashamed of them)

Vo2 Max Test

Next goal: Finish those darn gym sprints in 6 seconds!

This is so true. (and I wish I had a bod like hers!!)

-Off to take a shower, drink some tea and live amongst these boxes...

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