Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chill Out

I need decompression. I am always on the go during the week (and practically every weekend). I never have time to sit down and mellow out. It's work, gym, dinner, shower, prep for the next day and....Repeat. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the hustle and bustle. I appreciate the industrious life I live, but I also appreciate the times I have to chill out as well. Life is so fast. Will it ever slow down? I assume only when I slow down.... 

I want to go get another massage at

 It's here in Charlotte and they give the most amazing massages! One thing I love about this place that will keep me coming back is that they have the most soothing atmosphere. It's a tea bar as well so you can enjoy hot tea before or after your relaxation therapy. I definitely need to go back there again when I have the chance.

Urbana Cityspa & Tea Bar
Urbana Tea Bar

 In the mean time, this is how I will relax at home...

sipping on Vanilla Rooibos Full Leaf Tea

cuddled up on the couch watching my ALL TIME favorite TV show
listening to the crackle of my WoodWick Candles

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